Stagecraft is the basic course to teach how to build scenery.

Studnets lean about hardware, tools and shop safety.

They learn but building projects. They learn to build from scaled drawings.

Flat 4×10 soft.pdf

Here they are learning how to attach rigging to a soft flat so it can be flown.
One way to attach rigging hardware to a soft flat.

Bolt a top hanger iron to flat. Use a 1/4″ screw pin shackle to attach 3/8″ aircraft cable.

Drafting for the Theatre

Drafting for the Theatre teaches students the mechanical drafting standards, first by hand.  Then, with the use of VectorWorks CAD software.

Here are some of the projects students create in the class.

The Dimension Plate shows how to draw the demensions of an object.

Demension plate.pdf

The Floorplan is the bird’s eye view of the scenery on the stage.


Platforms and Stairs need multiple views to show how they are be built.

Platform & Stairs.pdf